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HGS Plumbing and Heating offer boiler servicing in Norwich and Norfolk to ensure the safety of your home and the long life of your heating system. One of our fully qualified professional engineers can service your boiler and help identify any prolonged issues or problems.
What is a boiler service?

Having a professional check how well your boiler is functioning can be crucial for its longevity. Boiler replacements are expensive, and one small problem can quickly lead to the entire boiler being damaged, which is why frequent boiler servicing is essential for keeping your boiler running smoothly.

How frequently should a boiler be serviced?

We recommend having your boiler service annually. The time of year is not really important: whether it is before or after the winter months, or in the middle of summer, so long as it happens regularly enough for any problems to be picked up on.

Why not just wait until it breaks?

Boiler replacements are expensive, and usually it is not just one part that will break. If your boiler breaks down it will need to be thoroughly checked to see the source of the problem, and if a boiler is left unserviced for a long time the problems can really mount up — and so can the cost. Frequent servicing means that small problems can be picked up on before they snowball into costly repairs or replacements.

What is involved in a boiler service?

The engineer will check the boiler for any issues with the controls, check for corrosion, leaks, build up, too high or too low a pressure, and any unsafe emissions. The front of the boiler will be removed to check that everything under the hood is working smoothly, and each part will be inspected for damage. Any parts that need cleaning will be cleaned and you will be informed of anything unusual, and told what to do next. Be aware that your boiler can still break, even with frequent servicing, so keep our number handy in case of any emergencies.

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