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Boilers are more likely to break down in the winter months, when pipes can freeze or heating gets overworked to keep your house warm. However, boilers can also break in warm months, due to them not being used at all. If you suspect your boiler is broken, contact us to have your boiler serviced outside of its usual servicing routine
We recommend that your boiler is serviced annually, and be sure to provide the details of the last service to your engineer.

We offer a boiler call-out service in Norwich and Norfolk: call us to book an appointment or ask for an emergency call out.

If your boiler has stopped working, you are getting no hot water, or your carbon monoxide detector is telling you that there are poisonous emissions, call one of our engineers as soon as possible to assess and repair your boiler.

Often boilers break as the result of a single part needing to be replaced. Our engineer will test the boiler to see which parts need replacing or repairing, and inform you of what repairs need to be made, how much the repair will cost, and how you can help prevent those parts from being damaged again in the future.

Our team are fully qualified professional boiler engineers who can expertly solve and fix a problem with your boiler. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

There is always a slight chance that your boiler will need replacing entirely, and we can offer you a full removal and installation service, including the disposal of the old boiler should you need it. One of our highly trained professionals can replace your broken boiler with an updated model and ensure that it is working fully.

Call or email us to arrange a call out to solve your heating problems.